We are here to answer any questions you have and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. If you are unclear about any part of your sleep study, please contact us.

Whether you are completing a home sleep study or an in-lab sleep study, please follow these guidelines the day of your study:

  • Do not use hair sprays or gels, as they can interfere with the recordings
  • Maintain your regular routine as much as possible
  • Do not nap
  • Do not drink alcohol or eat/drink caffeine within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment; this includes coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, cola drinks, etc. We recommend water, juices, and decaffeinated beverages
  • Speak with your health care provider about whether or not you should take your regular medicine the day of the HST

In-Lab Sleep Study Preparation

What to bring:

  1. Comfortable top/bottom style pajamas (or large T-shirt, shorts, etc.), robe, and slippers.
  2. Toiletries (i.e. – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, deodorant, etc.)
  3. Pillow(s) are provided, but feel free to bring your pillow(s) from home if you prefer.
  4. Your approved medication(s). Please note: We will not provide medication.
  5. Health insurance cards and photo ID.
  6. Referral (if required by your health insurance company)


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete the paperwork or download and complete the paperwork before arrival.
  • Shower and shampoo your hair the day of the study (preferably just before your scheduled appointment). Do not use lotions, hairsprays, gels, or any other hair preparations.

Accessing the Building:

  • The building is locked between 6 PM and 6 AM. Please come to the main entrance (the side of the building that is facing Bestgate Road and has the revolving doors).
  • There is a silver box to the right of the doors. Press 535. The sleep technician will buzz you into the front door.
  • Go straight to the elevators and press 2 for our floor. (Please note: You will have only 2 minutes from the time you are buzzed in to get from the front door to the elevator.)
  • Turn left off the elevators and Suite 215 will be down the hall on your left.
  • If you experience any problems accessing the building or need help, please call 443-481-3573 for immediate assistance.

We make every effort to schedule your sleep study in a timely and efficient manner. Please remember that this test may require prior authorization from your insurance company and that could take up to 72 hours (or 3 BUSINESS days) to obtain. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your sleep study once prior authorization requirements are met.

Considerations for rescheduling:

  • Nasal Congestion due to a current cold (not chronic conditions).
  • Fever or flu-like symptoms.
  • Please call at least 3 days before to avoid an extra charge.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to keep your scheduled sleep study appointment, you MUSTcall us no later than 5 PM on the appointment day to cancel. Please be advised that there will be a charge of $350.00 for all sleep study appointments missed and/or not cancelled by 5 PM on the day of the appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS.